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Sunnylands Primary School, Carrickfergus

Our trip to Streamvale Farm

20th May 2019

In Primary One we have absolutely loved our new topic 'The Farm.' We have learnt about lots of different animals and have particularly loved getting to try out some of the daily jobs that happen on a farm in the playroom; doing the washing, planting flowers and vegetables, writing a shopping list to go to the shop, building a dog pen for sheep dog and driving a tractor.

We were so excited to go on a HUGE bus the whole way to Streamvale Farm where we got to pet and feed lots of different animals, learn about how animals live and what they eat and we even got to milk a cow (a pretend cow!!). Have a look at the different animals that we got to visit, some big mummy and daddy animals, as well as some very cute baby animals - I think our favourite was the little black puppy!