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Sunnylands Primary School, Carrickfergus

Day 2 in Shannaghmore

28th Jan 2020

The day began with the dulcet tones of Miss Childs banging on each door and serenading us with her rendition of 'Time to get up!'

Once up we were fed, we got ready to head back to the forest. We were shown how to use a compass and given some tasks to complete. Then our instructor dropped the bombshell that we would have to make our own way back to the bus using our compass and sense of direction. Once back, we realised Mrs McNeill had also been given a compass which was a grave mistake. Fortunately the Air and Sea rescue team were not needed this time as we found her wandering aimlessly around an hour or so later.

After lunch (lovely shepherds pie)it was a quick turnaround and off to Pigeon Mountain for some 'scrambling'.

After Miss Childs' initial annoyance that this activity did not involve eggs but actual physical endurance subsided, we set off up the mountain.

Scrambling involves climbing over and through tumbled rock formations. It is a tricky exercise, but the view at the top was spectacular. I have included it in some of the photos. Unfortunately, you have to look beyond the children into the background to really appreciate it 😊.

Then it was back to the centre for chicken and chips. We had an hour in the Games Room, but the children were anxious to get back to the Commons Room to complete their activity booklets 🙃 (that is where they currently are. I was banished from the room for being sympathetic to their cause).

Once this is complete, we are settling down to eat our sweets and watch a movie. Rumour has it that 'Mauds' will be involved later too...

After that, we will head for our dorms and 'another' early night.

Weather permitting we will be bouldering tomorrow. And when I say we, I mean the children as the activity involves wetsuits and water in subzero conditions. I will be an enthusiastic spectator 😎.