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Sunnylands Primary School, Carrickfergus

All About Us!

21st Sep 2021

In primary 4 we have started off the year learning all about ourselves. In doing so, we have learnt about our own bodies, including our 5 senses. We have explored famous figures that helped us in the past, including Florence Nightingale and Louis Braille and we have revisited the 4 seasons and various weather conditions.

Within Activity Based Learning, we are;

Following a set of instructions to build a replica of the human ear drum. We are then experimenting with different sounds and watching how they travel through.

Conducting a taste test experiment, trying a piece of apple, pear and potato while blindfolded and with our noses pinched. We are really noticing how our 5 senses work together to provide the whole picture. We really haven’t enjoyed the potato!

Working as a team to plan and record our very own weather forecast. We are using green screen technology to make it as realistic as we can.

Using the Braille Alphabet invented by Louis Braille himself to write our names using PVA glue dots. Once they have dried we will swap them over and see if we can work out which name we have got.

Drawing around our hands and feet, then using cubes to find out the area of the each. We are then working with the other members of our group to compare our findings.